Peanut Butter Cups

Peanut butter and chocolate. What could be better? Well adding jam puts it up there. Those 3 things together are fantastically beautiful.

I recently saw a video of making homemade peanut butter cups and they put jelly in it and I thought it was a great idea. I had like 2 lbs of chocolate chips (no joke, that’s what you get when you shop at costco) so I melted some up and made peanut butter cups. There really isn’t much technique involved, you just need a little patience to make sure the chocolate sets up.

You first put some melted chocolate (with a little coconut oil – this helps it harden and get that awesome snap when you bite into it) in the bottom of a muffin liner and swirl it around to get it up the sides a bit. You gotta let that harden in the freezer for a few minutes then it’s time to add the filling. I put about 1 tsp of natural peanut butter on the chocolate base then added a little strawberry jam on top of that. After that, put some more melted chocolate on top, making sure to cover all the filling*. Pop them back in the freezer to let it harden and firm up.

*You can see that I didn’t do that great of a job covering the filling- there was a little peanut butter that oozed out the top but I guess that makes them more rustic looking

I tried cutting one in half to get a nice picture but for some reason it fell apart. Maybe I didn’t use the right knife or didn’t let it sit long enough. Who knows. But anyways, they tasted delicious and I will definitely be making these again.


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  1. Binners says:

    Great blog, Lindsay! Enjoy … Love, Binners


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